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Dr. Elizabeth Sanchez

PsyD, MA

Staff Counselor

Elizabeth Sanchez is part of our staff at Community Christian Counseling.  She has a Doctorate in Psychology and a Master’s in Biblical Counseling. Her passion is to help others learn how to apply biblical truth to their lives, to experience the freedom promised by God. She considers it to be essential to have a growing relationship with Christ based on a serious study of His Word, and a deep prayer life.  She is passionate about working with young people and minors, counseling women with their unique struggles, helping solve religion vs. relationship issues, and helping others learn how to thrive in times such as we face today, by rooting deeply in God’s promises and his power, to overcome fear, confusion, anxiety, depression, and addictions.

Elizabeth is also available for counseling in Spanish.

En Community Christian Counseling contamos con Elizabeth Sánchez; nacida y criada en Colombia, no solamente habla español sino que entiende la cultura del mundo hispano. Tiene un doctorado en psicología, y una maestría en consejería bíblica, ya que considera que las soluciones que se hallan en la Palabra de Dios son las que rinden los mejores resultados para sanar a fondo. Elizabeth considera que la raíz de todos los problemas humanos es de origen espiritual. Su consejería se basa en que podemos aprender de Dios cómo sanar nuestras heridas y manejar nuestra vida emocional, intelectual, y material utilizando principios bíblicos, el legado de Dios para sus hijos.


Cast your cares on Him as He cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7


Our counselors adhere to biblical principles in all approaches and methods to counseling. We provide counseling services that address but will not necessarily be limited to:

  • Depression / Anxiety

  • Pornography and Other Sexual Addictions

  • Premarital Counseling

  • Planned and Unplanned Career Changes

  • Parenting Skills

  • Anger / Bitterness

  • Childhood Behavioral Issues

  • Family Conflict and Communication Difficulties

  • Physical, Emotional, and Sexual Abuse

  • Substance Abuse

  • Divorce Care

  • Grief and Suffering

  • Lifes Changes Due to Health Issues

  • Crises of Faith


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