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Life can be difficult.

We’re here to help.

Community Christian Counseling will provide biblicaly sound,confidential, and financially accessible counseling to individuals and families seeking victory over life’s challenges.

Community Christian Counseling

Office Visits or Distance Counseling Sessions Are Available


Since mid-May the center has again been providing office visits and it has gone very well! For the protection of everyone in the counseling center we ask that anyone with active cold or flu symptoms not attempt to participate in an office visit, or transport anyone who is coming for an office visit. Distance Counseling sessions (video conference via internet) continue to be available and, in fact, will remain a permanent service of the center. If you prefer Distance Counseling, you can begin that process at that tab on this website or call the office at 812-244-0400.


Our counselors have been providing biblically sound, financially responsible counsel to individuals and families in West-central Indiana and East-central Illinois since 2003. Most of those services have been provided in our office located in downtown Terre Haute, Indiana. Our Distance Counseling services makes our counselors available to most anyone who has access to the internet.


Dr. Jim Evans recently had the opportunity to teach at Berea Christian Church where he answered a very pertinent question, “How should the church handle depression?”   

“It is a powerful message reminding us of who we are and the reality of the fallen world in which we live.” 

 Please let us know if this teaching has been a blessing to you.

17 Years Community Christian Counseling

This fall will mark the 17th year the counseling team and support staff of Community Christian Counseling have been serving the residents of the Wabash Valley. The original idea for the center was given to Dr. Gary Greven, a long-time area Counseling Psychologist, and church leader. The building purchase was made possible through the generosity of Frank & Janet Volkers. What an honor it has been to take those ideas and help, and then learn from, and encourage the thousands that have trusted us with their lives! The members of our Board of Directors have been continually trustworthy, our neighbors have helped care for our property at 518 S. 7th, and our vendors have provided excellent support.

It is not easy for any independent, small business (of any type) to survive 16 years, but then, we’re not exactly “independent”. That is, along with our modest counseling fees, the Lord has used so many different individuals, families, churches, and agencies to help along the way. We routinely provide encouragement to Wabash Valley clergy, clergy couples, and their family members – at no charge.   [Read More]

Combining Counseling Experience of over 50 years!

 Dr. Ann Hogue has joined Community Christian Counseling

In 1982 Dr.’s Ray and Ann Hogue began providing Christian counseling services at their office on South 25th Street in Terre Haute. In 2003, Dr. Jim Evans, the staff and counselors at Community Christian Counseling began the same type of ministry at 518 S. 7th Street in Terre Haute. They are joining their efforts.

In 2014, Ann lost her loving husband and counseling partner, Ray, but continued to use biblical principles in her work and encouragement with couples and women. She was well prepared to do so, with an undergraduate degree as an English teacher, a Master’s Degree is Religious Education and a Ph.D. in Christian Counseling. She has realized though, counseling alone – can be lonely.

So, Ann has closed her office and joined Dr. Evans and the other Christian counselors and staff at Community Christian Counseling. The move connected Dr. Ann to like-minded colleagues, and will further deepen the talent and services on South 7th Street.  [Read More]

Garden Entrance to Community Christian Counseling

We strive to make your visit to Community Christian Counseling a stress free expereince that will strengthen your relationship with God and the people you love.

Thank You

In 2019, Community Christian Counseling was again one of many Wabash Valley organizations that benefited from Serve the Valley volunteers. This year’s projects at the counseling center were to remove an old brick planter from our south lot, and to rebuild and replant the bed that frames our main outdoor sign.  

Serve the Valley Volunteers

On Friday morning July 26, Summer Koenig, and her daughters Chelsea, Sophi, and Sarah arrived. Two heavy sledge hammers, a large pry-bar, and a variety of other tools were ready for use. None of them had used a sledge hammer before, but within a matter of minutes, they were whaling away. The brick planter didn’t stand a chance! Within two hours, the planter had been reduced to a stack of individual brick and rubble! The ladies were absolute rock stars! 


Serve the Valley Volunteers

On Saturday, the project was to finish the clean-up of the previous days work on the old planter, and rebuild and replant the bed the frames the center’s main outdoor sign. Ben & Kaitlyn Lock, and Jay Roeschlein arrived as scheduled and worked non-stop. Have you noticed that God is, among things, a Master planner? Ben and Jay provided the muscle for the brick clean-up, and Kaitlyn used her previous landscaping experience to help Jim with the new sign bed construction and installing the new plants.
Those two projects would have cost Community Christian Counseling hundreds of dollars without the help of the Serve the Valley volunteers. I would say we live in a wonderful community!

People say the nicest things about us.

Bob & Kathy Roush

Pastors Barbour Ave. UMC

“As pastors we appreciate the ministry of CCC and how you bring people back to wholeness through biblical foundations that make a lasting impact in their lives. We have seen lives and marriages helped and renewed. We trust CCC because it is Bible based and Christ centered.”


Christian Man

“Community Christian Counseling has truly been a blessing in my life. It has been both their spiritual guidance and caring advice that has been helpful during a very trying time in my life. I don’t know what I would have done without them.”

Pastor Scot Longyear

Maryland Community Church

“The counselors at CCC are dedicated followers of Christ who, listen, ask questions and offer exceptional, professional and godly advice on how to thrive when life throws challenges our way. I have complete trust I them and have referred numerous people to them with exceptional results.”

Our Counselors

Jim Evans Ph.D. MHA

Jim Evans Ph.D. MHA

Executive Director & Lead Counselor

Ashland Wheat M.A.

Ashland Wheat M.A.

Staff Counselor

Cindy Haseman M.A.

Cindy Haseman M.A.

Staff Counselor

Ann Hogue  Ph.D

Ann Hogue Ph.D

Staff Counselor

Stephanie Nelson M.A.

Stephanie Nelson M.A.

Staff Counselor

Roger Bear  M.A. , M.Div.

Roger Bear M.A. , M.Div.

Staff Counselor

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Dr. Ann Hogue is joining Community Christian Counseling   In 1982 Dr.’s Ray and Ann Hogue began providing Christian counseling services at their office on South 25th Street in Terre Haute. In 2003, Dr. Jim Evans, the staff and counselors at Community Christian...



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15 Years Community Christian Counseling

15 Years Community Christian CounselingAvatar

This fall will mark the 15th year the counseling team and support staff of Community Christian Counseling have been serving the residents of the Wabash Valley. The original idea for the center was given to Dr. Gary Greven, a long-time area Counseling Psychologist and...

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Our counselors adhere to biblical principles in all approaches and methods to counseling. We provide counseling services that address but will not necessarily be limited to:

  • Depression / Anxiety

  • Pornography and Other Sexual Addictions

  • Premarital Counseling

  • Planned and Unplanned Career Changes

  • Parenting Skills

  • Anger / Bitterness

  • Childhood Behavioral Issues

  • Family Conflict and Communication Difficulties

  • Physical, Emotional, and Sexual Abuse

  • Substance Abuse

  • Divorce Care

  • Grief and Suffering

  • Lifes Changes Due to Health Issues

  • Crises of Faith


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