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Our Mission is clear and focused

Community Christian Counseling will provide biblically sound, confidential and financially accessible counseling to individuals and families seeking victory over life’s challenges.


CCC is an Indiana not-for-profit ministry that provides individual and family counseling services from a Christian perspective.  We receive referrals from as far north as Rockville and as far south as Vincennes; from as far east as Greencastle and as far west as Casey, IL.  Church leaders, para-church leaders, social service agencies, attorneys, physicians and even other counselors refer to CCC.


Clergy and their immediate family members may qualify for no charge services. Don’t hesitate to ask.



Counseling Available in Spanish

Web Spanish Spoken HereEn Community Christian Counseling contamos con Elizabeth Sánchez; nacida y criada en Colombia, no solamente habla español sino que entiende la cultura del mundo hispano.  Tiene un doctorado en psicología, y está por completar su maestría en consejería bíblica, ya que considera que las soluciones que se hallan en la Palabra de Dios son las que rinden los mejores resultados para sanar a fondo.  Elizabeth considera que la raíz de todos los problemas humanos es de origen espiritual; su consejería se basa en que podemos aprender de Dios cómo sanar nuestras heridas y manejar nuestra vida emocional, intelectual, y material utilizando principios bíblicos, el legado de Dios para sus hijos.

Llámanos, estamos para servirte.  Algunos de los problemas que se atienden son la depresión, el abuso sexual, problemas maritales, adicciones, y cómo ser mejores padres.

(English Translation)

Elizabeth Sanchez is part of our staff at Community Christian Counseling.  Born and raised in Colombia, she is not only a Spanish speaker, but understands the Hispanic culture. She has a doctorate in psychology, and is about to complete her Master’s in Biblical Counseling, because she believes that the answers provided by the Word of God, are the best solutions for deep healing.  Elizabeth believes that the root of all problems is spiritual in origin.  Her counseling is based on learning from God’s Word how to heal and learn how to manage our emotional, intellectual, and material life using biblical principles, God’s legacy to his children.

Call us, we are here to serve you.  Some of the issues we can help you with are depression, sexual abuse, marriage problems, addictions, and parenting.

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