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Our Mission is clear and focused

Community Christian Counseling will provide biblically sound, confidential and financially accessible counseling to individuals and families seeking victory over life’s challenges.


CCC is an Indiana not-for-profit ministry that provides individual and family counseling services from a Christian perspective.  We receive referrals from as far north as Rockville and as far south as Vincennes; from as far east as Greencastle and as far west as Casey, IL.  Church leaders, para-church leaders, social service agencies, attorneys, physicians and even other counselors refer to CCC.


Clergy and their immediate family members may qualify for no charge services. Don’t hesitate to ask.



Play Therapy – A New Service for CCC

Play therapy is to children what counseling is to adults. Play therapy utilizes play, children's natural medium of expression, to help them express their feelings more easily through toys instead of words. Play therapy meets each individual child where he or she is currently at in life and provides support to promote emotional healing and growth.



Benefits of Play Therapy:

  • Children learn how to express their thoughts and feelings in constructive ways
  • Fosters decision-making and acceptance of responsibility
  • Facilitates the development of problem-solving, stress management skills, coping skills, and resilience
  • Helps children to explore and practice social skills
  • Encourages confidence and concentration
  • Fosters imagination and creativity
  • Supports emotional healing and growth

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